What We Do

Pinchpoint is a design and installation company that helps homeowners, architects and developers integrate usable, connected technology.

TV and music systems that are discreetly integrated with your home. We provide neatly-installed wall-mounted TVs with completely hidden wiring, which can share 4K HD video sources from a central location. We also design and specify bespoke home cinema rooms.

Multi-room music systems allow you to play different music in each room, including the garden, or sync them all up for a party.

Robust hard-wired Cat6 data networks that can cope with the demands of multiple users, video and music streaming, and online gaming. Our intelligent wifi systems offer amazing speed and coverage, so no more black-spots in your home.

Scene-setting whole-home control from neat, labelled keypads. We do all the programming so it's simple to use, but with amazing features like timeclock automation, remote operation and presence detection.

Motorised blinds that stay perfectly synchronised, with practically silent rollers, romans, venetians or curtains. Perfectly integrated with lighting control systems for one-touch operation, they can also be programmed to open / close based on time of day or light-levels.

Video entry systems that provide communication with visitors, as well as remote door and gate release. We can integrate these with mobile phones or touchscreens for remote control.

Our CCTV systems can be viewed remotely from anywhere in the world, even from an iPad, and record in full HD.

Sophisticated control of zoned heating and cooling systems, perhaps integrated with touchscreens or lighting control. An added benefit is reduction of wall-clutter by negating the need for proprietary thermostats.

Control is about tying together all the systems in your home: building management, lighting, heating, video entry etc. It's about simplifying and de-cluttering by providing a single touchscreen interface for all the systems in your home.

Bespoke furniture design to neatly house your AV system, coordinate with your joinery or interior designer. We advise on clever ways to hide speakers and other equipment, and can have joinery made on your behalf.

A Bit About Us

Based in North London we work in the residential sector, for both private clients and developers, as well as providing systems for restaurants and other commercial spaces.

Our aim is to simplify technology: it should be easy to use, reliable, and subtly integrated into daily life. We avoid complexity and focus on the thoughtful design of simple, future-ready systems which are installed neatly and discreetly.

We have a design background and take pride in producing high-quality drawings to coordinate with other consultants. We spend time building relationships with our clients, making sure we only recommend the systems that are appropriate.

Pinchpoint was started in 2013 by managing director Joel, who has 10 years' experience of creating and managing installations with some of the UK's leading designers and architects.

Who It's For

The consumer products you love, properly installed and maintained. We provide hand-holding through the sometimes-confusing build process, friendly advice and experienced consultancy.

Our starting point is what our clients want to do with their homes, not how it's achieved. We understand that everyone sees value in different systems, and has a budget they're comfortable with: we genuinely want to supply what our clients want, not sell stacks of equipment.

We also help with choosing or designing joinery and lighting; setting up computers and smartphones on your home network; rescuing your children's accidentally-deleted homework.

We've a design background so we understand your world. Our role is to support the design team with specialist consultancy, providing clear documentation and design coordination, usually by making our own layers on existing CAD. Our aim is to enhance your designs by keeping our equipment hidden and neat.

We can provide RIBA-accredited CPD sessions in your office, please contact us for details.

Great quality music and simple control for numerous zones, as well as rock-solid WiFi and network support (with our partners at Speedster IT). We can install big-screen TVs, projectors or other specialist installations, and provide remotely-accessible CCTV systems.

We also often act as a coordinator between POS, PDQ and any other 3rd-party companies that own tech in your site, but don't necessarily install an infrastructure.

We bring the same high-quality management and installation that's so important in the high-end residential market.

We understand the importance of flexibility and good value. We provide ready-to-use systems for basic TV, telephone and Internet, so the properties are ready to go without upgrade.

Our design consultancy for multi-dwelling units can define whole-building TV, CCTV, video entry and other systems for inclusion in an M&E specification.

Energy management and lighting control systems can make high-end properties stand out from the crowd, as will our fit-out for show homes. We provide clear costs, clear drawings and marketing 'tick-boxes' - i.e. 'ready for surround sound' - with equipment costs deferred to the purchaser.

Our Approach


Pinchpoint acts as a specialist consultant, getting involved as early as possible during the design process, often working as part of a larger team with an architect or an interior designer. We meet with our clients to discuss their requirements and make suggestions, an iterative process that allows us to refine the brief. We genuinely only want to provide technology that is appropriate for each client, not just sell stacks of equipment.


We specialise in providing high-quality documentation, producing clear CAD drawings in-house for each project. In addition to layout and schematic drawings, we provide setting-out elevations for TVs and work closely with interior designers and joiners to produce detailed designs for any joinery that houses our equipment. We want to enhance the design of your home, not ruin it. Our schematic drawings are clear, colour-coded and loved by electrical contractors.


We manage the project on site, supplying all the equipment we need for the installation and using highly-skilled installation engineers who work to a very high standard of finish. We provide on-site coordination between trades, where our experience and understanding of the building process allows us to effectively communicate between the contractors and the clients. We setup, program and customise the system, then handover to the client and provide any on-site training.


We provide proactive maintenance as well as organise ad-hoc callouts should any issues arise. We are happy to help with day-to-day computer issues, either on the phone or on site.

We also help with more day-to-day technology issues: maybe you have 3 confused calendars on your iPhone? Or you're worried about photo back-up? We can help with all sorts of things like this, providing on-site, one-to-one support.

Our Work

We've designed and installed systems in a wide variety of properties, from Soho restaurants to large family homes. Below is a selection of projects that were recently completed, and a few that are currently on-site.

Brands & Partners

Quality is important so we've formed relationships with proven technology brands that give our clients excellent reliability and usability.